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 moxer abusing his mod powers!

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PostSubject: moxer abusing his mod powers!   Fri Mar 29, 2013 9:45 am

moxer the trial-mod is abusing his spawn and tp powers!
he is killing everyone trying to enter wild at spawnpoint even the newcome newbies! he is also testing a tnt cannon towards the spawn, attempting to kill someone, and he created a room underground in which he teleports players without them even knowing they are just about to die by abusing mod! after i died losing my diamond set and other items i was shocked becouse the tral-mod (moxer) was claiming that he didnt tp anyone in that room and that I teleported to him instead. i am 17 and im sure im mature enough not to lie about all this- and about moxer.. i had nothing against him untill now. in the past we were friends and i even invited him to one of the most powerful factions in infinitecraft.

moxer if you're reading this, many players feel's the shame of yours and the shame youre doing to this wonderful server.

with all of respect : frutek1293
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moxer abusing his mod powers!
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