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 Donation Privileges

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PostSubject: Donation Privileges   Fri Nov 23, 2012 9:53 am

If you wish to donate $5 to the server here is the privileges & commands you will receive:

You will get the rank:


/vanish (become offline and invisible to every player on the server!
/invsee (see any players inventory)
/fireball (shoot a ghast fireball!, Trolololol)
/kick (kick a player if they piss you off)
/gamemode or /gm (change your gamemode!)
/disguise or /d (disguise as any mob!)
/godmode (become invincible)
/hat (wear any item on your head! lol)
/give or /i (spawn any item to your inventory)
/powertool (make your tool a powertool!)
/heal (heal yourself)
/speed (change your players speed)
/nick (change your name, you also get colored nicks!)
/ci (clear your inventory automatically)
/nuke (TNT a player TROLOLOL)
/tp (tp to any player)

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Donation Privileges
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